Artist: Jerry Rael - Phone: 720-371-0063

Vato Rennaisance Art Exhibit

                                  Jerry Rael

Vato Rennaisance
Art Exhibit

Special Reception

September  5,2013
6:00 -9:00
CHAC Gallery
753 Sante Fe Drive

First Friday, September 6,2013
5:00 PM -10:00 PM

Dos Culturas, One Heritage 20" x 28" Jerry Rael

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Many Fine Artists drawn to the Chili Harvest Fest, 2011 in Lakewood, Colorado at the Heritage Cultural Center.

Jerry Rael of Denver will exhibit some of his paintings as well as his Flagstone Art which depicts Southwestern Pueblo scenes and old Churches throughout New Mexico and Southern Colorado.

Unique Chili Harvest Draws Art Lovers to Lakewood, Colorado Every Year.

  Unique Art at Chile Harvest Fest

Emma Lynch, LA VOZ, August 10, 2011

Not only will you find the sweet spicy taste of the chiles beckoning you to the annual Chile Harvest Arts Festival, but you won’t want to miss the exquisite talent and artwork either.  Featured below are three artists presenting their work at the festival that takes place Aug. 27-28.

Teresa Duran has been attending the Chile Harvest Arts Festival since 1993. Duran created this year’s selected artwork for the CHAF poster and was also chosen for the honor in 1994. Duran’s style is  traditional Spanish Colonial and she has been creating retablos for 20 years. Her poster art shows the figure of Saint Isidore (San Ysidro), the patron saint of farmers, ranchers and crops.  The legend depicts an angered employer criticizing the saint for praying instead of working. One day however, the employer happens upon the saint and saw him praying while an angel drove a team of white oxen to plow the fields. The poster portrays the saint harvesting the chile while the angel washes it.  Faith is what sustained the early Spanish settlers in Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico; the same strong faith Duran says is “what sustains many of us today.” You can find Duran’s work at the Tesoro Spanish Market in Morrison in September and the Winter Market in Santa Fe in December.

Shay Guerrero said ever since she could hold a pencil she has been creating. The young artist has always been a fan of the pin-up style of artwork, but has branched out of traditional mediums. Combining many different styles, Guerrero says today she has a Day of the Dead style with some rockabilly flavor. “It is a contemporary style that you will either love or hate,” she laughed.  The plain white canvas is not her forte, but instead you will find her making jewelry, jewelry boxes, 3D day of the dead style masks and purses.  Her work is never bland, but always eye catching colorful. She confided that she will put art on “anything that will take paint.”  Find original work like this at her booth at the festival and year round at the Chicano Humanities and Arts Council Gallery on Santa Fe.

At 56, Jerry Rael has just begun getting his feet wet in the Denver art world. As a nurturing teacher at Lake International School, Rael previously self identified himself as a “closet artist.”  Much of Rael’s work is influenced by Native Americans. As a child, Rael was fascinated by the culture, of which he shares his own blood, the way native peoples have been treated and the images that tend to tell stories within the culture. His works from paintings upon flagstone to murals tells a story of his culture and traditions. Although new to the scene, Rael has participated in shows in Colorado and New Mexico and he has a 800 sq. foot canvas mural on the walls at University of New Mexico. His garden flagstones and paintings adorned with ristras will be available at the festival.

Photo credit: Jerry Rael

"Taos Pueblo During Chili Harvest," painting on flagstone by artist Jerry Rael , a Denver Local. September, 2011

Denver Artist Jerry Rael , 56, is coming out of the closet.

Denver Local

Yo Soy Jerry Rael

I was born near the Bosque De Los Caballos in a little house located in Jaroso, Colorado,about six miles from the New Mexico line off highway 159. I attended schools in Denver and graduated from West High School in 1973. I enlisted into the Marine Corps immediately after graduation and served with Hmm 162 Airwing, Helicopter Squadron ,Jacksonville, North Carolina. 
I enrolled at the University of New Mexico and studied under the likes of Rod Lazorik, Betty Hahn, and Beaumont Newhall . Upon graduating with a BFA in Photography, I set forth to use the paint brush for the very first time. I proposed painting a mural in the Casa Del Sol Restaurant located at the Student Union building at UNM. The passion to paint began in the summer of 1981 .
However, my artistic passion started when I was a young lad. I remember my parents returning to their birth place to visit my grandparents and other relatives. In my familia, the males out- numbered the females 3 to 1. Visiting San Acacio and spending time there became our favorite playground as well as a battle ground where coyboys and indians roughed it out during playful warefare.
During these visits, I remember sitting around listening to our parents and elders  telling stories about San Acacio and the people  who lived there long ago. One particular story caught my attention and it took place in San Acacio, Colorado, the birth place of Mi Madre Queida.
The story was told that one day an Indian party were riding towards the small pueblito de San Acacio when all of a sudden, their horses reared high in the air and the party of Indians raced in the opposite direction as fast as their horses would take them.
It is said that a strange vision in the clouds caused them to retreat that day. Whatever they saw in those clouds that day appears to be a mystery today, one that I enjoy investigation and creating on canvas as well as on flagstones.
As an Artist, I relish in creating works in mixed medias because it reflects how diverse my thoughts are when a dialogue takes place within my creative mind. I enjoy painting on dark or black surfaces where light takes on form , and it is the darkness that I explore because it is the unknown. By painting the darkness somehow makes me shed some light on whatever I'm painting.
My interest in my childhood memories and my passion to discover the truth about my historical roots, the roots of my very existence, drive me further into the creative process. I will continue to press for the truth .
Death returns to bring me a cultural past, somehow now coming alive in my paintings.
Art is truly  about color, light, texture, and movement, but also it is about creation, a moment in time, an emotion, my passion and my life.
                                                       Yo soy Jerry Rael
Rocky Mountain CRUZR
   page 12

Here's Rael at the Chili Harvest In Lakewood ,Colorado with his flagstone paintings which are art pieces that many people are ordering for their rock gardens or just floor pieces for their living-rooms. Rael said he " Can't keep up with the numerous orders coming in.'


Young Audiences ,Inc.
Denver Area Chapter
Denver, Colorado  80202
303  825-3463
FAX 825-3410

November 13,1995

Mr. Jerry Rael
269 Osceola Street
Denver, Colorado   82019

Dear Mr. Rael,

We are delighted to tell you that the panel enthusiastically recommended you for the Artists In Residence (AIR) Program for the next 5 years. This means that you will be eligible for residences starting the 1996-1997 school year. Schools will apply in March of 1996 for the 1996-1997 school year. After the schools are selected, we will have a better idea of how many residencies we have to offer to our artists in your discipline. You will be contacted in May of 1996 regarding your availability for these residencies.
We are pleased that your name will be included in the AIR Resource List Book, which are given to many schools that may be interested in hiring you independently.
We are pleased that you are interested in the AIR Program and look forward to working with you over the next 5 years.

Best regards,
Patty Ortiz
AIR Director

My version of the guitarist Carlos Santana - sold to Ray Quintana of Denver,Colorado

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I am William Scott from Atlanta , Enjoyed your site and your wonderful Artworks. am very much interested in the purchase your Art piece for our A

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