Artist: Jerry Rael

Acoma ( Sky City ) Pueblo Church Acoma Pueblo, new Mexico 1902 $ 159.95 Sold: Denver couple 8/3/2012

Santaurio Church During Winter Chimayo, New Mexico $159.95 Sold : Young man from Sante Fe, New Mexico 8/3/2012

Santa Rita Church Bernal, New Mexico $89.95 Sold: Dr. Ramon de Castillo

" Taos Pueblo" 16" x 17" Acrylics on flagstone $95.00 In Taos Art Gallery

Llano de San Juan Church Penasco, New Mexico $89.95 Sold : Terri Vigil

" Stations of The Cross Iglesia in San Luis, Colo." 15" x 26" Acrylics on flagstone Sold - Laura Jaramillo $85.00

"Chili Harvest in San Acacio, Colorado" Acrylic on flagstone 11' x 15' $75.00 Sold - Alan and Theresa Rael

' Taos Pueblo During Chili Harvest " 10" x 18" Acrylics on flagstone Sold- John and Mary Acosta

" Metoteda" 15" x 18.5" Acrylics on flagstone w/ stand $95.00 Sold : Rich Marin 495.00

" Old San Acacio Church" "18.5' x 25.5' Acrlics on flagstone $95.00 Sold -A rt and Lynn Sanchez

" Iglesia" 15.5" x 18" Acrylics on flagstone $95.00

" San Luis Iglesia' "15 x 25" Acrylics on flagstone $ 65.00 Sold - Ken Quintana

" Chama Iglesia" 14" x 17 ' Acrylics on flagstone $65.00 Sold- Debbie and Floyd Sanchez

" Pueblo Scene " Acrylics on flagstone 10" x 18 " Acrylics on flagstone Piece was donated as a raffle item for Ramon Dominguez Benefit at Buzzard Fest 2013 In Cuba, New Mexico Retail Value $150.00

"Old San Acacio Iglesia" 10" x 16" Acrylics on flagstone $65.00 Sold - Bert Trujillo and Lillie Stine

Reista's w/ ornos" 15" x 20" Acrylics on flagstone $65.00 Sold - John and Mary Acosta

" Ornos with Ristas" 13" x 15 " Acrylics on flagstone $65.00 Sold : Ted E. Rael 10/16/2011 Cuba , New Mexico

" Que Quidas? Mi Ristas?" 16" x 21 " Acrylics on flagstone $95.00 Donated for GI Forum Raffle ticket.

" Tourist Looking at Taos Pueblo with Ristas" 16" x17" Acrylics on flagstone $175.00 Donated to the American Forum Ladie's Auxillary ,2012

White Buffalo Acrylic on flagstone Gift to John and Mary Acosta $85.00

Taos Pueblo Chile Heartist acrylic on flagstone "Milagro de Corazon" Art Auction 2012 Purchased by Robert Maestas

Taos Pueblo y los Tapitios Acrylic on flagstone $175.00 retal value -Donated to Theresa Quiones and Joe'Martin for Mother's Benefit/ Pay for Dr. bills. 18" x 21"

Taos Pueblo $325.00 35" x 50"

Lady of Guadalupe Church Archway Acrylic on flagstone 14" x 17" $120.oo value Donated to GI Forum Dottie' Bruten's Benefit 2012

St. Cajetans Aurora Campus Sold : Jerry and Rose Hernandez 15" x 24" $75.00 5/2012

" Santa Rita de Cacias Iglecia" Bernal ,N.M. Purchased by Dr. Ramon de Castillo Flagstone and acrylics

Taos Pueblo 36" x 45' Flagstone and acrylic Rock Garden Piece $325.00

A Taos Pueblo Interpretation Flagstone and acyrlics 38" x 40" $ 350.00

I shall see you at the show on August 3,2012 ,First Friday at CHAC on Santa Fe K ?

"Church In a Desolate New Mexico Landscape" $175.00 retail Flagstone and acrylic. Donated as a raffle ticket for" Buzzard Fest 2012" Cuba, New Mexico

St Francis de Asis Church Ranchos de Taos,New Mexico Donated as a raffle ticket for Buzzard Fest in Tribute for Ramon Dominquez/ Ruben Scholarship Fund. Retail value $175.00

sAN Felipe Church Old Town Albuquerque Albuquerque, New Mexico $ 159.95

Santaurio Church and Gates Chimayo, New Mexico $ 139.95 Donated to" Benefit for Ruben Dominquez" August 3, 2012 Knights of Columbus Council 3314 Arroyo Seco, New Mexico

San Ysidro Church San Isidro, New Mexico $ 99.95 Sold to Sandra Rael Denver, Colorado

San Geronimo Church Chapel: 1850 Taos Pueblo, New Mexico $99.95

San Geronimo Church Chapel : 1850 Taos Pueblo, New Mexico $ 99.95

Rural New Mexico Church : 1864 ? New Mexico $99.95

San Francisco Church, 1830's Golden, New Mexico $99.95

Rancho De Taos Church Rancho de Taos, New Mexico $109.95

San Pablo Church San Pablo , Colorado The San Luis Valley $99.95 Sold to Bert Trujillo Denver, Colorado

San Felipe Chuch Old Town Albuquerque Albuquerque, New Mexico $ 149.95

Santaurio Church Chimayo, New Mexico $ 169.95

Flagstone Art by Rael displayed at Belmar Library, Lakewood, Colo.

New Mexico Iglesia

Running of the Horses

Somewhere In Colorado

Sold to Michael and Regine at CHAC Gallery

Mesa Verde- Sold

Iglesia in New Mexico

Original Flagstone Art For Sale  
Giclees and Limited Edition Prints are now available from these original paintings.  Contact the artist for pricing.

Phone: 720-371-0063

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