Artist: Jerry Rael - Phone: 720-371-0063

                                          CHAC Gallery 

                                             Proudly Presents

                                             1000 Yard Stare
                         Tribute to Vietnam Veterans
                            Geronimo Reflects Again

                             Featuring Denver Artist

                             Jerry " Geronimo " Rael

                       January 1,2016- January 30,2016
    Special Events on January 15,2016 - 5:00-10:00 PM.
                           772 Sante Fe Drive
                            Denver, Colorado

1000 Yard Stare

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Selena Art Exhibit

" Dreaming of You "

Art Exhibit: March 31, 2015 Special Reception  at 6:00 pm

Opening Reception : 1st Friday April 3,2015

CHAC Gallery

753 Sante Fe Drive Denver ,Colorado 

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                 Milagro de Corazon


CHAC:  Major Fund Raiser for Education

Santuario: Meeting with Padre retail value $125.00

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                      MILAGRO DE CORAZON FUND RAISER 2012
                                      Denver, Colorado

The two pieces that I donated for the fund raiser are
Santuario : Meeting with Padre    retail value $75.00

Wishing for More Than a Heart     retail value $125.00
Wishing for More Than a Heart retail value $ 125.00

CHAC Norte Show

              Our Lady of Guadalupe
The Christmas Mercado Annual Show & Sale
             Opening Reception:
             December 7,2012 6-10 PM.

                  772 Sante Fe Drive

     Wonderful gifts for Christmas Gifts
                 at the right price.
Santuario Church Chimayo, New Mexico by Jerry Rael Flagstone and acrylic $175.00 30" x 26"

" Art of The Four Winds"

A Celebration of Native American  & Indigenous Art & Culture
November 16 & 17,2012
       Four Winds American
       Indian Council
      201 W. 5th Avenue
Opening Reception: Friday 6-9:00
Hollywood Indio by: Jerry Rael


Studio 12 Gallery

Join us for our 4th Annual Dia de los Muertos Exhibition

October 5th - November 9th, 2012

Opening Reception: First Friday, October 5th, 4-9pm

      Sugar Skull Workshop by Mandy Medrano 4:30-9pm

2nd Reception: First Friday, November 2nd, 4-9pm


Last year, Studio 12 Gallery won "Best Curated Exhibition" for our 3rd Annual Dia de los Muertos Exhibit.  This year the show is bigger and better than ever, with returning artists Amber Lovelace, Brandon Maldonado, Fonda McDonough, George Rivera, Rai Briata, Rob Yancey, and our curator Carlos Fresquez!  Altars are provided by Laurie Zuckerman and Maruquita Salazar.  The celebration is sure to have something for everyone: Mandy Medrano will host her sugar skull workshop again, and  face painting will be offered by Linda Powers. 

Other artists in the exhibition include: Barbara D. Cohen, Brandt Campbell, Carmina Cortes, Charmain Shuh, Christian Bailey, David Martinez, David Ocelotl, David Porter, DC Kelly, Deedee Hampton, Do Palma, Erica Branch, Evan Sanks, George (Kerri Sue Waneka), Janelle W. Anderson, Jerry Rael, Jesse Neumann, John Grimberg, Joshua Butler, Judy Lucero, Kathleen Gatliffe, Laurie Covney, Laurie Maves, Magda Bowen, Marnie Yates, Myron James Weckworth, Nicole Grosjean, Patricia Jenkins, Richard C. Green, Robert Martinez, S. Fisher Williams, Sarah Nuese, Sean Brown, Shawn Sanchez, Shawn Shea, Stephanie Ulrich, Tammy Yancey, Valerie Van Alstyne, Velia Martinez, Victoria Patti, and Wayne Weber

Artist: Jerry Rael Untitled Acrylic /canvas $525.00

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                   Chicano Humanities for The Arts Council 

                    CHAC  Gallery
                          Dia De Los Muertos
            Day of the Dead

 October 3rd thru November 3rd, 2012
Opening Reception Friday Oct.19th
             6:00-9:00 PM

Remembering His Face by Rael

Iglesia's de mi Padres

If you want to see art of New Mexico's churches in a different media, come to the Exhibit on the first Friday, August 3,2012 at CHAC. Also featured are artists Shay Guerrero and Robert Maestas. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jerry Rael at 720 371-0063

Jerry Rael's next Art Exhibition at CHAC Gallery, Denver, Colorado

These Are The Good Ole Dayze

             Art Exhibition 
               First Friday
              May 4, 2012

              CHAC Gallery

Jerry Rael's next Group Art Exhibition

                      Celebrating our 
    Lady of Guadalupe and     Christmas Mercado    ( Market)

                                    First Friday,
           December 2,2011
          5:00pm -10:00pm
Chili Harvest In Taos NM

                               Chili  2011 Harvest Arts Festival

                A celebration of  Arts and Culture

                        August 27 & 28, 2011

                          10:00 am -5:00 pm.

                   Lakewood's Heritage Center

                         801 South Yarrow St.


                              303 987-7850


Upcoming Exhibitions
" Roots Run Deep "
 Special Reception"
June 30,2011
6:00-9:00 pm
Guitarist and vocalist,Alan Rael 
Terry " La Tejana" as DJ.

Jerry Rael
Rebecca Rosales
Carlotta Espinoza
Shay Guerrero
Bob Luna
Rudi Monterreso

First Friday 
July 1,2011
thru July 29,2011
CHAC Gallery
772 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO  80204
Phone: 303-571-0440


" " Hollywood Indio" by Jerry Rael

Juried Art Exhibition

        Southwest Expressions

    New Mexico Union Galleria
     University of New Mexico
    Albuquerque ,New Mexico
             March 1979

" Our People" Land Rights Conference, San Pablo, Colorado

                                   " Our People "
                Art Exhibit

         San Pablo, Colorado

               August 1978
Cultural Webs Acrylics and watercolors

Albuquerque calling on artists for Art Invitational

         The Human Figure
   New Mexico Union Galleria
   University of New Mexico
    Albuquerque, New Mexico
               August 1980

Contact Jorge Lovato at Plaza Escalante

     Plaza Escalante Galleria
   Albuquerque, New Mexico
             JUNE  1981

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            ENGLISH FIRST


    Colorado Fine Arts Juried Art Exhibit

                    January 1990

Denver Intenational Airport ( DIA)

                                City and County of Denver
                        Department of Public Works
                        New Denver Airport Office 
                     Stapleton International Airport

                                                     July 25,1990
                                                     Jerry Rael
                                                    4816 West 11th Avenue
Dear Jerry,
We want to thank you so much for the recent selection process for the New Denver Airport Art Program. We truly appreciate your patience and positive response to a difficult process. As you know, much of the process was dictated by this particular project's extremely short time-line.
Your emergence from a field of nearly 1000 artists should be a great source of satisfaction to you. The many art projects and commisions that will be part of the New Denver Airport Art Program will afford an array of future opportunities in which we hope you will continue to participate.
Again, thank you for the interest and enthusiasm which you brought to this process. The Denver Airport is fortunate to be able to draw on artists of your caliber for a project of this size.

Jan Steinhauser, Director Commision on Cultural Affairs

City of Albuquerque South Broadway Cultural Center

                            Two Regions ,
              Four Visions,
         City of Albuquerque
            PO Box 1293
     June 1,1998- June 30, 1998
            South Broadway          
            Cultural Center
         Jerry, Gino & Ted Rael
     Antonio Rael, Ted's son

" Coming of the Spaniards"

Albuquerque Journal : Artistic family's artworks cover broad spectrum

       Artistic Family's Artworks cover Broad Spectrum

Images in exhibition span media, messages
by Wesley Pulkka for the Journal

The "Two Regions, Four Visions" exhibition at the South Broadway Cultural Center embodies a broad spectrum of objects, techniques, and sensibilities.
The show explores creativity spanning two generations in two families. The exhibition features works by Jerry Rael and Gino Rael of Denver, Ted Rael and his son Antonio Rael of Albuquerque, and family friend Frederic Montoya of Albuquerque.
The three Rael brothers were born in the San Luis Valley in Colorado,  but grew up in the Denver area. The Cultural Center exhibition is the first time that they have shown together.
Jerry is a muralist who is exhibiting his pencil and pastel drawings and photographic collages. He illustrates the cultural collision between Native Americans and Hispanics. However, his work does not dwell on conflict or division.
Instead he reveals the connection between Native American daily life, ceremonial events, spirituality and the landscape. Where possible, he unveils parallels between cultures.
In " Eagle Dancer # 1," a pastel and pencil rendering, he depicts a dancer in full costume in the midst of  a sacred dance. In the background two women in Bermuda shorts  are shopping at a faraway booth.
The shoppers are either ignoring the dancer or are just unaware of his presence.
In " Eagle Dancer  # 2," the viewer is offered a closeup profile of a dancer in full costume. In the background are a very attentive mother and child. In the far distance is a mountain range. Leading up to the mountain range are a series of patterns and symbols. These pictographic elements illustrate the direct relationship between Native American art and nature.
The composition also blends the importance of family, traditional ceremony, and the origins of human consciousness  in the land.
Two pastel and pencil renderings depict contemporary Hispanic themes. In one, two men show off a bright red,  customized hot rod Ford pickup  complete with flame paint job and a yellow 1930's sedan of uncertain make( it may be a 34 ford). In the background  looms  the downtown Denver skyscaper-filled skyline. In the foreground sits a friendly dog.
Jerry's other vehicle  related drawing depicts two men riding large motorcycles toward the viewer. Like a scene from "Easy Rider," the two bikes and the riders cruise through a rural landscape. Overhead is a banner celebrating a family event.
Both drawings show common interests among family and friends. They also reveal a reverence for life and the sheer joy and adventure of being alive.
In his photographic collages, Jerry  weaves together various visual planes and levels of reality. These pieces are stylistically the most contemporary  works in the whole exhibition.
Gino is artistically innocent. His straightforward colored pencil renderings of American Indian Chiefs spring from the concern of the artist to honor the past.
Ted's carved walking canes in wood and bone are the most magical pieces in the show. His direct exploration of the materials uncovers the spirits within.
His simple rendered faces are somehow alive.
He also makes straw-inlaid crosses and carefully painted retablos, but the pieces that I found the most intriguing were his bone carvings.
Antonio is a high school senior who makes retablos and straw- inlaid crosses. The first retablo he ever made won a second place  award  at the New Mexico State Fair in 1995. He needs more time to fully develop his skills.
At 51, Montoya is the oldest artist in the show. He discovered his creative abilities at age 47 while learning to carve from his father. The elder Montoya passed away only four months after beginning his son's training, but Montoya has progressed rapidly.
He has worked in clay, ceramic tiles, and hammered tin since his father's death. As a carverhe has become  a judge in the State Fair competitions and has served as president of the Rio Grande Woodcarvers
My favorite piece by Montoya is the "Mother and Christ Child," carved from a single pieceof wood and hand colored with water based pigments. The Gracefully designed work  embodiesthe artist's love for church and family.
His tin crosses are also elegant examples of  a tradional hispanic art form. After such a rapid start I'll be interested in how Montoya's work develops in the future.
Overall, this exhibition is an interesting blend of traditional religiously inspired craft and contemporary artistry.  Jerry  is the most realized of the group,  but Ted and Montoya  are artist to watch .The participants  exemplify the importance of sharing skills and talents with others. The show is heartfelt and sincere art.
South Broadway Cultural Center ,1025 Broadway SE, is hosting "Two Regions, Four Visions" through June 29. The exhibition features works by Ted Rael, Jerry Rael, Gino Rael, Antonio Rael, and Frederico Montoya. Call 764-1743.
" Eagle Dancer # 1," a pencil and pastel by Jerry Rael at the South Broadway Cultural Center, is included in the "Two Regions, Four Visions," exhibition through June 30.

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