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Written by Fr: Primos Richard & Gloria Sanchez on May. 22, 2011
Your paintings are beautiful and they have a beautiful representation of our Culture. Congratulations and Good Luck on your Sales. I will definately pass it on to people with interest.
Written by Bert Trujillo on May. 19, 2011
I saw the work and it is excellent. He is a true artista and the work he does i recommend that you look at his website and scroll through all the work. It is awesome!
Written by Juan Vargas vigil on May. 17, 2011
This is some good art work I LOVE INDIANS
Written by Deborah Sanchez on May. 17, 2011
Written: by Deborah Linda Sanchez on May 17, 2011
This is a true artist! I mean this literally and even though he is my brother I love the work he has created! It brings back the memories of our cultura of the valley in San Luis and San Acacio. My famlia is proud of Jerry for his work as an artist and a teacher. We love what you have done and wish you luck in selling your artwork now on July 1st at the art show coming up! I know that you will be a big success! How can you not be you are fantastic!
With all our love and blessings from God and from Daddy in heaven! Love you Bro! Tu hermana Deb and Floyd Sanchez
Written by Laura Montoya on May. 16, 2011
I am the proud owner of the original "Linear Cada" in the sold section. I hope to increase my collection of Jerry Rael artwork. I have been a big fan for years!
Written by Maili-lai on May. 13, 2011
Love all the takes on your artwork. You can really feel the different emotions for each piece.
Written by Kim Mares on May. 10, 2011
Very interesting, nice work, your honey requested I check you out. Glad I did :)
Written by Joe Martin on May. 10, 2011
Cool very nice,,,, jerry
Written by Pete Grampp on May. 9, 2011
nice! Very cool to see all of your work. Like the blue hues.
Written by Steven Rico on May. 8, 2011
Really nice work, all original nothing else like hit.
Written by Robert Lucero on May. 6, 2011
Cousin is a good artist. I love his work. I have the print of this front website hanging on my wall. It is titled " Yo Soy."

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I love this picture!!!

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can u do the our mother this is the female from Espanola remember from the hospital

01.12 | 08:13

Jerry as usual your pictures are beautiful. I can’t decide which one I like the most. Just beautiful!