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Written by Jerry Rael on Jan. 12, 2021
Anyone out there that is interested in purchasing my art can reach me via email or phone text
720 371-0063
Written by Sally Sund on Apr. 20, 2015
today I viewed your exhibit at the Belmar library and the flagstone art is beautiful. I will l inform all my SW art lovers to go see for themselves. You are truly an artist.
Written by Fadir on Aug. 13, 2013
Basic nutrition without fat and sugar is the right way
Written by jerry rael on Sep. 16, 2012
Thanks alot bro. Hey what did you all decide? Let me know bro.
Written by Sonny Valdez on Sep. 15, 2012
Love your work brother, Like your website as well but most of I all appricate your williness to take the time to teach the stuborn 8th grade kids, not an easy task.
Written by Ericka R. on May. 16, 2012
You are very talented..I love your unique and full of culture and emotion..
Written by Maili Rael on Feb. 27, 2012
happy to see your new flagstone art. I am going to get one soon. these are very unique and will last a lifetime.
Written by lorenzo on Aug. 10, 2011
its...inspiring to see.
colerfull,realy colerfull.
Written by Wanda Vigil on Jul. 27, 2011
You have been blessed with all your talents and dedications to your Artwork. Your hardwork will take you far in your career as an Artist. My favorite art piece is of our daddy. That is how I remember our dad before he passed away. It's just like him being here watching over us. Your art work on the flagstones are awesome of all the churches back in the valley. I am proud and honored to be your sister. God Bless you bro with love, Wanda
Written by Gloria Valerio on Jun. 23, 2011
Wow, very nice. I'm proud of you primo.
Written by Jim, VALERIO on Jun. 19, 2011
Cool man./ Oh well, break a leg.
Written by TRENT GAMEZ on May. 30, 2011
Written by Maria Aragon on May. 29, 2011
These pictures are breath taking and very inspirational. They are a must have pictures.
Written by Miguel Virgilio Sanchez( AKA: CHICO,GILO) on May. 29, 2011
i have puchased a painting from my primo Jerry in 2004 that was worth its value two - fold because I have been offered thousands for it but no way Jose. His paintings capture many different emotions and perspectives to the viewer. The painting I have is called " Mother's Advise " It represents my mother watchig over me like a Guardian Angel. Not a day passes that I treasure the love she had for all of us. Every day that I look at Rael's painting, it remids me of" Mi Quiera Madre."
Written by Evelyn, Zuleyma and Mayra on May. 24, 2011
We think your art work really shows your emotions and culture. We really enjoyed your art.

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Greetings ,
I am William Scott from Atlanta , Enjoyed your site and your wonderful Artworks. am very much interested in the purchase your Art piece for our A

04.11 | 14:46

Shout out to Jerry —- one amazing artist and great person

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I love this picture!!!

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